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Cubes and Coroplast

 The Only Way to Go! 

  This is the recommended 2 grid x 4 grid cage size.
  The inner dimensions are 27" x 56" or 10.5 sq feet.
  Fits perfectly on a standard 5' x 30" table.
  The 7.5 sq foot cage is 2 grid x 3 grids.


Benefits of the C&C Cage

  Maximizes space
  Easy to clean
  Easy to make
  Easy to change design
  Can choose colors
  Esthetically pleasing
  Good visibility
  Good air circulation
  Can add levels
  Can cat-proof
  Multi-use materials
  Grid=hayrack, save $
  Cleaning flap option
  Fits on cheap tables
  Easy to decorate
  Easy expand/reduce
  Collapsible to store

Challenges of the C&C Cage

  Materials not available in pet stores; harder to find.
  Sign (plastic) stores usually only open weekdays.
  Coroplast can be tricky to get home due to size.

Meeting the Challenges

  Shop outside your immediate neighborhood.
  The sign store may deliver the Coroplast to your home, sometimes at no cost.
  Borrow your friend's larger vehicle to get it home.
  Pre-cut to the correct outer dimensions.
  It will bend a little or it can be rolled into a large diameter, 4-foot long tube.
  Don't fold, but you can score the outer side to fold and fit in a vehicle.
  If you absolutely can't find the exact materials, there are decent alternatives in the Photo Gallery.


What Are They?

cubes2.jpg (11736 bytes)

The cubes are usually 14-inch, coated-wire grids. The inner squares are 1 1/2 inches. These are designed for temporary or inexpensive storage for kids, home, and office use. There are several brands and multiple sources. Some versions have 17 grids in a box; some up to 30. They all come with at least the same number of connectors in the box; sometimes more. The average price is around $15 - $20 a box. If you have to have them shipped, you will pay a lot for shipping as a box is very heavy. Some boxes have more grids than others.

Where are They?

      National Chain Stores





They are available in most stores nationwide and in Canada. This is the most consistent best deal with 30 panels and 30 connectors for $18.49 USD. This version comes in multicolor or black or white or chrome (a dull silver or gray color).





They are also available nationwide at Target stores and go on sale periodically. They are in the household storage section and are called Organize-It's. Some stores stock different colors. Some are only available in black. 6 Cube Set: 23 panels, 24 connectors.

bulletBed, Bath & Beyond
Available in white, black, and chrome. Look for the proper product. NOT the meshed cubes. 6 Cube Set: 23 panels, 24 connectors. (SKU: 0703158)

These grids are 15 inches square. The inner square dimensions are just over 1.5 inches. ONLY use these grids if you have full-grown, non-pregnant, adult guinea pigs! Otherwise, the inner square openings are too large to be safe for younger or smaller guinea pigs. 6 Cube Set: 23 panels, 24 connectors. (SKU: 04163211)

All sizes for making C&C cages on this site use grids that are 14" square. If you are putting your cage on a surface that is 30" wide (a standard table or desk width), using this grid size will be a bit too wide using two full grids. You either need to overlap the grids and connect some using cable ties, or you need to make sure your base is large enough to support them. If you use full grids and connectors without zip ties, you will need to use the ALTERNATE cutting directions on the How To page.

This Home Essentials brand of cubes is make for K*Mart. Please email us if you know of any other 15 inch brands available for sale. If so, if you could provide a photo, that would be great.
bulletOther Brands
If you have examples of other brands of grids or cubes available, please email us with the details of the chain store that carries them, the region in the country of where the chain store is located, the name of the product, the exact dimensions (measured by you) of the grids -- both outer dimension and inner squares, approximate price, number of grids and connectors in the box, and what colors you can find them in. Ideally, if you can send a photo, that would help immensely. Please note, we are not looking for store locations here, but different brands of grids. To add store locations, please use:

      Additional Chain Stores that MAY carry Cubes


Sam's Club (Great Cubes or Creative Cubes)


Office Max (Neat Idea Storage Cubes)


WalMart (Great Cubes or Storage Cubes)




Menards (Original Storage Cubes)




Linens n' Things


In Australia: Bunning Warehouse


In Canada: Costco

Stores Near You for Cubes

Check our growing database for a source of Cubes and Coroplast (click the Find Materials button) in your area. Odds are, you'll find a store near you. And once you have purchased your supplies, please enter the store locations in the database so that you can help others in your neighborhood find the materials for a C&C cage for their guinea pig.



In the UK: try Poundstretcher and Homebase
For the UK, Canada, and all other countries, please be sure to visit the International Section of the Guinea Pig Cages Forum for up-to-date help on where to find materials for cages.

Online Sources of Cubes
Neat Idea Cubes

Please note that the cubes are HEAVY and shipping will usually cost you quite a bit. Usually at least as much or more as the grids themselves. Try to find a local source.


Staples (Neat Idea Storage Cubes)


Stacks and Stacks Homewares (also ships to Canada)


Keysan (Neat Idea Storage Cubes)


KC Store Fixture (also have rounded corner grids!)


Clean Sweep Supply  (SAFCO Wire Cube Shelving System)


Fellowes Catalog (Neat Idea Storage Cubes)


Office Quarters (Neat Idea Storage Cubes)

bullet (Neat Idea Storage Cubes)

Cable Ties/Extra Connectors




bulletCable Ties (or Zip Ties)
Connectors come with the box of panels. But, you will find that you use the connectors faster than the panels when assembling the cage. It's difficult to find extra connectors. Most people just use zip ties (also referred to as cable ties). You can even use zip ties exclusively instead of the connectors. Zip ties can be found in any home improvement or hardware or electronics store. Inexpensive zip ties can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. But if you must have extra connectors, below are a couple of online sources for ordering more.
Online Source of Connectors






Seville Classics
Even though this company is the distributor to CostCo and Sam's Club, they do not directly sell the full boxes of grids, other than as an accessory--9 grids for $10. However, if you really need extra connectors, this is the place to get them--a pack of 10 for $5 plus shipping. They do have a retail store locator for CostCo and Sam's Club.

bulletAllen Designers
Individual grids and connectors. Slightly cheaper than Seville Classics. The connectors provide stability in the cage. You can reinforce the all the connections with cable or zip ties for an even stronger cage.

Can't find Cubes?

Then you can use the white-coated-wire organizational shelving found in home supply and hardware stores. These are the shelving sections used in clothing and utility closets and come in a variety of widths and lengths. See the Alternate Materials section at the bottom of the C&C Cages page.


What is it?

Coroplast.jpg (57900 bytes)





cage6.jpg (151717 bytes)

Coroplast™, a plastic sign board, is the name of a special corrugated plastic available virtually everywhere. It is just like cardboard only made out of plastic. It comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets in multiple colors and is 4 ml thick. (You can also get it in 10 ml thickness if you want industrial strength, but we don't recommend it. It's not necessary.) Coroplast is actually the name of a company and COROPLAST™ is also the name of their main product.

In Australia, Coroplast is called
Corflute. In the UK, Coroplast is also known as Corex, Coroflute, Cadflute, Fluteboard, or Correx. In Brazil, it is Polionda. Basically, this stuff is like cardboard, only it's corrugated plastic instead of paper! The name of it might be Coro-anything! For additional UK sources, check here here

The photo to the right shows a piece that has been cut and scored and the seams "snapped," and the flaps are ready to be taped to make the box.

Where can you find it?

It is sold at sign stores--stores that make signs for businesses. Most sign stores are only open during the week during normal business hours (not weekends). The only trick is getting it home. If you know the size of the cage you are planning on making, you could ask the store to precut it to the outer dimensions. They'll probably charge a dollar or two per cut (2 cuts max needed per sheet).

1. Look in your Yellow Pages under "Signs."

Here are some stores which are either chains or franchises to give you an idea:

bulletFastSigns ( stores worldwide)
bulletKwik Sign

(Canada: In addition to the sign stores, also try an art supply chain with stores in Ontario, NS, BC, and NB that may carry it ($13 for a full sheet) and deliver.)

2. Check our growing DATABASE of local sources    

Check our growing database of source of Cubes and Coroplast (click the Find Materials button). Odds are, you'll find a store near you. And once you have purchased your supplies, please enter the store locations in the database so that you can help others find the materials for a C&C cage for their guinea pig.

3. Too expensive at the retail sign store?

You could also ask the sign store who is their local supplier of Coroplast. Try calling the wholesaler or distributor directly and they may sell it to you. That would be at or near the wholesale price (less than $10 a sheet). And if you find a sign store that doesn't carry Coroplast, ask them who their plastic supplier is and try calling them to see if they carry it or ask them to order it for you. 

3. Still can't find Coroplast?

Get creative in your search. Other possible sources:

   Home-improvement stores such as Home Depot might carry it, although this is definitely the exception and not the rule, but worth investigating.

   Large art-supply or craft stores might be worth investigating, as it is a source in Canada.

   Large shipping or distribution centers near you may use Coroplast to cover wooden pallets before items are added for shipping. They wouldn't sell it, but you might be able to get some for free.

   Glass stores sometimes use Coroplast as good, smooth packing material between sheets of glass.

   Real-estate agencies may have some as it might be used to make the 'for sale' signs.

4. The problem with shipping Coroplast

There is one source that people seem to continually discover that will ship Coroplast: HOWEVER: A full sheet of Coroplast CANNOT be shipped via UPS. It must go by Common Carrier (or by truck, or heavy freight, whatever you want to call it) because it is outside of the size limits that UPS will ship. To ship from 1 to 5 full sheets of Coroplast via Common Carrier is $80. In order to ship Coroplast via UPS (with standard UPS shipping rates at approximately 3 pounds shipped), it must be cut to a maximum size of 36" x 48". That's 3' x 4'. That is too small for a 2x3 grid cage (39" x 53"). You would have to tape pieces together (possible, but not a great way to go). In addition, they charge $2.75 per sheet to cut it down. This is why the database (click Find Materials below) has been created--to help you find a local source.

How much is it?

You should not pay much more than $30 to $35 for a sheet. It wholesales for less than $10. So anything over $30 is pricey. Over $50 and they are stealing! If you have to have it precut, it shouldn't be more than a dollar or two per cut. Many stores will cut it for you at no charge. Some will even deliver for no charge. Definitely ask.

Be SURE to tell the store what you want the Coroplast for. It's not exactly a household item. Sign stores will generally mark it up pretty high, thinking that you, too, are going to make signs with it, therefore, they won't be getting their signage profit from you--or they might think you are a competitor who ran out of materials! TELL THEM it's for a guinea pig cage! More often than not, if they've already quoted a price that's too high, they will lower it to a reasonable amount when they hear what it's for.

A white sheet should be a dollar or two cheaper than a colored sheet. Try to get a colored sheet if possible, unless you really want white. Cavies can see color!

Can't find Coroplast?

Linoleum will also work. However, you can't let the pigs chew on it and it's not as strong as Coroplast. The sides tend to put pressure on the longer cages. But that can be compensated for with a little ingenuity. See the Alternate Materials section at the bottom of the C&C Cages page.









Guinea Pig Environments title graphic

It takes 12 grids and 24 connectors to make an open, 2x4 grid C&C cage.

Guinea Pig graphic of Buddy munching on hay